Labia Majoraplasty

Labia Majoraplasty takes place in the labia majora which are the areas of skin to either side of the vulva. They have hair-bearing skin over a fatty pad that is continuous with the Mons pubis – just above the vagina. Labia majoraplasty reduces or reshapes the vagina outer lips (labias).

With aging there is frequently loss of fat from the labia majora. The quality of the skin also alters. They also vary in colour from one woman to another. These changes and variations over time and from person to person are normal and to be expected. (In fact they are similar to the changes we also see in the face).

All cosmetic surgery is about feeling comfortable and confident in your appearance. It is not about beauty or how other people view you. This is the great mistake in negative comments about cosmetic surgery. And the cause for dissatisfaction with cosmetic surgery.

Labia majoraplasty as a Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery it is something done for yourself – either for physical comfort or to be comfortable and confident in your appearance.

The Procedure

Dr Oates FRACS performs Labia Majoraplasty as a day case in our fully accredited theatre at Body Shaping Perth Day Hospital using a mixture of twilight sedation and local anaesthetic. A Pudendal block is usually preferred to relieve pain for up to 24 hrs. Fortunately majoraplasty is not an experience associated with pain.

The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes and you will be at the clinic for 4 hours maximum.

Skin is excised just to the outside of the labia minora. The scar falls in the natural crease line and because of the good blood supply and natural line it heals very well. It also hides because it is the boundary between hairless and hairy skin. Many women find it useful to have some permanent hair removal in the area in case some hair is pulled towards the vagina.

You will need a responsible escort who is adult to take you where you are staying and be with you post twilight sedation. We will supply you with medications. We will also further postpone information on the day of surgery.

After the Procedure

You may experience some discomfort, swelling, bruising and discharge/ooze after the procedure. This is normal. Pain medication taken orally (supplied or over the counter) should be more than enough. If severe pain occurs contact Body Shaping Perth. Try to avoid constipation because while healing it is not the time to suffer from this. Dink lots of water. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, take fibre or whatever makes your body work and does not constipate.

Prefer Cotton underwear over a G-string. There is no vaginal packing used for majoraplasty. Some patients have reported that the use of sanitary pads in the first week is really useful. Icepacks can be applied on the area on and off for the first two days.

You may go back to your work within a few days or take a vacation for the first week. It depends on the person. Gradually return to your normal lifestyle over the next 3 weeks. Let comfort guide you. You may have sexual intercourse after a month if you feel comfortable.

We will be checking on you a number of times. Usually a nure will conduct a review 1 or 2 days after the operation. Then within 2 weeks with Dr Oates FRACS will contact you to review your case. Results will be reviewed at approximately 6 weeks.

Bleeding after the operation is rare. It may occur as a frank bloody discharge soaking through a pad or as a large bruise. If you have excessive bloody discharge or bruising then call Body Shaping Perth or Dr Oates FRACS.


Make sure that you are clear about what you wish and get informed about the procedure. Have expectations that are realistic. Small asymmetries may persist in some cases.

Healing does not take place as it should if you smoke.

Avoid Aspirin (unless you have a heart stent or for prevention of stroke after TIA). Drugs like Nurofen or other “Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatories” should be avoided.

Take it easy for a few days.

How to Proceed?

Your GP doesn’t have to give you a referral, but we recommend that you do talk about it with them.

Call the Body Shaping Perth to make an appointment to discuss your concerns about Labia majoraplasty with either Dr Oates or his nurse educator. Once you feel that you want to proceed with the operation the usual waiting period is one to two months.