Vaginal Rejuvenation in Perth

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a cosmetic vaginal tightening surgery procedures. Many, if not most, women after 2 or 3 vaginal deliveries will notice some loosening of the vagina. It may even be visible with the vaginal having a triangular opening rather than being a vertical slit, as it was. Some women notice that they do not feel as tight during sex and often worry that their partners feels that too.

Frequently it is said the vaginal muscle is ‘stretched’. However the muscle in the wall of the vagina is arranged longitudinally (up and down) not circularly and it does not really stretch to be ‘wider’. There is however fibrous tissue that goes around the vagina and once stretched, this is permanent.

The perineal body – the strong fibrous tissue between the vagina and anus – gives strength to the posterior (back) wall of the vagina. The perineal body is often damaged in childbirth with tears or an episiotomy. Repair of the perineum gives support and narrows the vaginal opening.

Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor may be of benefit for stress incontinence or even to prevent prolapse but they do not tighten the vagina.

The walls of the vagina may be so weakened that there is prolapse of the bladder backwards into the vagina and/or prolapse forward of the rectum into the vagina. Although vaginal rejuvenation is a related surgery – if you have these issues you should consult your Gynaecologist.

It has been said that a woman’s orgasm comes 95% from her head and 5% from the clitoris. A tighter vagina did not get a mention. Or it could be considered that the vagina is not to loose but rather the penis is too ‘small’. If you worry that your partner does not get the same sensation from sex – that may be true. However it would seem that overall men with smaller/thinner penises (that would find any vagina relatively ‘looser’) still get the same enjoyment from sex.

However, like all cosmetic surgery, vaginal tightening is about feeling comfortable and confident in your body. You will notice the tightness. And if you feel better about yourself, sexier, then your sexual experience will be better.

The Procedure of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr Oates FRACS performs vaginal rejuvenation as a day case in our fully accredited theatre at Academy Day Hospital under a combination of twilight sedation and local anaesthetic. A Pudendal block is used to give pain relief for up to 24 hrs. Fortunately vaginal tightening is not a painful experience.

The procedure of vaginal rejuvenation takes approximately 1 hour and you will be at the clinic for about 3 – 4 hrs total.

Skin will be excised from the posterior wall and opening of the vagina. It will be closed with dissolving sutures. A dissolvable or removable pack will be placed in the vagina at the end of surgery.

It is possible to have other cosmetic vaginal surgeries such as Labia minora/majora reduction, Labia majora filling or G-spot augmentation at the same time.

After the Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

After vaginal rejuvenation it is normal to expect some discomfort, swelling, bruising and discharge/ooze after the procedure. Oral pain medication (supplied or ‘over the counter) should be adequate. For more severe pain contact the office. You may need something to avoid constipation, as the healing time is not the time to suffer from this – lots of water, fruit and vegetables, fibre or whatever works for you.

Cotton underwear – maybe not a G-string – is preferable. Some patients find it useful to use sanitary pads for a few weeks. Icepacks can be used on the area on and off for the first 48 hours.

Discharge will usually initially be blood stained then become creamy for possibly a few weeks. After a week – ten days there may be some ‘old blood’ – thin and brown discharge for a few days. This is normal breakdown of blood products. If the discharge develops an offensive odour contact Dr Oates/the clinic.

You should take it easy for the first week. You may shower or bath. Anything that requires straining ie lifting, vacuuming, vigorous exercise should be avoided for 4 – 6 weeks. Proceed gradually and within your comfort level.

Most people wait 6 weeks for sexual intercourse. After 4 weeks you may try gentle digital stretching using a lubricant. Many women like to use a small well lubricated dilator before having intercourse. Do not use tampons in the first 6 weeks.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Preparation/Expectations

In vaginal rejuvenation like in all surgeries there are risks with the sedation, of bleeding/bruising or infection. Most issues are minor although there is the potential for more significant issues. Constipation may be a problem and something to look out for – especially if you are taking Panadeine Forte pain relief (the codeine slows the bowels).

Damage to the rectum is a rare but possible complication as the rectum is right behind the vagina. The worst case is a fistula – communication – between the rectum and vagina necessitating more surgery.

Contact our clinic in Perth with any of these:

  1. Heavy bleeding – saturating 2 or more pads in an hour
  2. Offensive vagina discharge
  3. Fever
  4. Abdominal swelling, severe pain, vomiting, constipation

How to Proceed with Vaginal Rejuvenation in Perth?

You do not need a referral from your GP, but we would recommend that you do discuss it with them. There are Medicare and private health fund rebates that may apply to vaginal repair (GP referral is necessary for rebates on the consultation but not the surgery).

Call the office to make an appointment to discuss your concerns about vaginal rejuvenation with either Dr. Oates or his nurse educator. Once you feel comfortable with proceeding with vaginal tightening surgery the usual waiting period is 4 – 8 weeks.

Remember a tight vagina is not the secret to great sex. Feeling good about yourself is!